What Causes Skin Allergies?

Rashes, itching, and discomfort -- persistent irritation is enough to make anyone frustrated. To avoid scratching and swelling, it’s important to understand what causes skin allergies. At Allergy Care in Watertown and Utica, NY, our staff is trained to find the source of your soreness, blistering, and redness.

Foods that you have enjoyed for much of your life can, without warning, contribute to allergies. Wearing jewelry that contains nickel often results in allergic symptoms. Other sources of inflammation include dust mites, animal dander. Pollen from trees, grass, and weeds is a prime source of skin allergy. Cosmetics and even some types of fabric can cause an allergic reaction.

Atopic dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis is a chronic form of eczema that usually develops in early life but can occur at any time. This condition flares up and then recedes. Often, it presents as an itchy red rash in folds of the elbows, the knees, and sometimes behind the ears. It is mostly accompanied by other immune conditions, such as asthma and hay fever.

Contact dermatitis
This kind of dermatitis is usually caused by interaction with jewelry that contains nickel, chemicals such as acetone and fragrances, and dust mites. Touching irritants such as poison ivy and cleaning solutions can also cause a reaction. While contact dermatitis is usually identified by a rash and itching, sometimes symptoms are redness and pain. In soft tissues like the mouth or the eyes, swelling can occur.

Clean and Moisturize
With each type of dermatitis, it is important to take care to keep the areas clean and moisturized. This staves off cracking and infection, which can make the site of irritation worse.

Skin allergies do not have to ruin your day. If you have any questions about how to alleviate any allergic expression, or would like to discuss a treatment plan for unbearable symptoms, Allergy Care in Watertown and Utica, NY will be happy to help. Call today to schedule an appointment. Call (315) 624-7911 for the Utica office or (315) 782-6200 for the Watertown office.

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