Pediatric & Adult Asthma

When seasons change, many individuals begin to experience sneezing, difficulty breathing and wheezing. In some cases, these symptoms subside after several days. On the other hand, if they persist or recur frequently, the culprit could be asthma, which is a condition that could develop during childhood or adulthood.

Here at Allergy Care PLLC in our Utica, NY, and Watertown, NY, offices, our asthma specialist Dr. Ludwig Khoury help manage asthma symptoms in both children and adults. Approximately 75% of asthma cases develop before seven years old, but some people develop asthma when they’re adults. Likewise, lots of kids experience remission during puberty or later on in their adult years.

The Differences Between Adult Asthma and Childhood Asthma

One of the main differences between adult and childhood asthma is how symptoms occur and what triggers them. Kids typically experience intermittent symptoms such as asthma attacks triggered by allergies, the common cold, or strenuous physical activity. Adults, on the other hand, usually experience persistent symptoms. Likewise, some asthma types usually develop during adulthood, like occupational asthma, which is triggered by allergens or irritants in their working environment.

Further, kids have an increased risk of having allergies along with asthma. And although symptoms are generally the same in both adults and kids, asthma attacks in kids typically result from common triggers, while asthma attacks in adults are usually more difficult to diagnose. In addition, adults don’t experience symptoms until they get a cold that also causes persistent breathing issues. This is usually the perfect time to see your doctor.

Managing Adult and Pediatric Asthma

When you come in for your consultation with our asthma specialist in our Utica, NY, or Watertown, NY, office, you’ll undergo a pulmonary function examination to check any irregularities in your lung function and help verify asthma or other lung issues. In both adults and kids, inhaled medicine, utilized regularly or as required, depending on the intensity of the condition, it the usual treatment.

It is likewise critically crucial to control things that trigger asthma, whether those include triggers like dust, smoke, mold, and pollen, or condition such as allergies, acid reflux, and obesity. The point is, regardless of the severity of the condition, whether you’re an adult or a child, make sure to follow your asthma treatment plan to ensure that it’s as well-controlled as possible.

Need Help Keeping Your Asthma Under Control? We Can Help

Arrange an assessment with our asthma specialist, Dr. Ludwig Khoury, here at Allergy Care PLLC by calling our Utica, NY, office at (315) 624 -7911 or Watertown, NY, office at (315) 782-6200.

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